Onteniente by Clark Hulings

Art Times

“EYE, MIND, SOUL — pleasing the eye, engaging the mind, speaking to the soul — how rare to find artists today doing all three at one and the same time! They do exist, however — tucked away in different corners of our country, heroically hewing to old traditions of skill and craftsmanship in spite of all efforts to sway them from the so-called “passé” standards of by-gone days. Witness, for example, the art of Clark Hulings, presently on view at The Forbes Gallery in NYC,* a show that features many works of the recently-deceased artist that have never been exhibited before.”

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Do You Know About the Clark Hulings Foundation?

A portion of net proceeds of the Clark Hulings Estate are donated to CHF, to enable working artists like Clark to build self-sustaining businesses.

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