Elizabeth's Burro

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16 x 19 ½ inches

If you're in the market for a Hulings and want to keep it classic and simple, this one's for you.

Created in honor of the birth of Clark Hulings' daughter Elizabeth, this shaggy little burrito looks brand new, as if he's still finding his legs. The bright green of the foliage behind the donkey makes it look even more welcoming, and you'll see Hulings' signature is also popping out in green. It's an almost-square little painting, so great for a tighter space.

Donkeys and burros were an absolutely iconic and favorite subject. Hulings said: “Burros are not sophisticated or graceful, but they have a dignity about them. They are strong, intelligent, hardy, loyal and determined. If left to their own devices and their own pace, they will serve well.”
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Do You Know About the Clark Hulings Foundation?

A portion of net proceeds of the Clark Hulings Estate are donated to CHF, to enable working artists like Clark to build self-sustaining businesses.

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