Elizabeth's Burro, by Clark Hulings

Babies & Burritos

“They have the calmness and gentleness of those who fear nothing.”

One of the Hulings collectors in our circle just had his first baby. It’s reminding us of the beauty of fresh starts—the innocence of being brand new and still finding your legs. This happens throughout our lives: as we challenge ourselves with new things, or work through setbacks with our health, it’s inevitable that we’re a little unsteady at first and it takes time to regain our footing.

Onward & Upward

Hulings painted this little burrito in honor of the birth of his daughter Elizabeth, and the original hung in her room for many years. The angle of his back left leg is just askew enough for us to see he’s endearingly slightly off-balance. His big ears and long legs give him somewhere to grow into, but he’s clearly still very small. As befits a Hulings donkey, he’s quite shaggy, and also has light accents on his belly and his ears. The bright green of the foliage outlines an upward-pointing triangle, making the setting look even more welcoming. Hulings’ signature is popping out in a matching green on the lower right corner. Some of the stones and leaves are rendered with realist detail; some sections are layered with thick, impressionist-inspired paint; and other areas are playfully scratched-up with percussive criss-cross strokes. There’s something that’s both well-crafted and carefree about this work which shows off the foal’s awkward charm, and makes him part of the textures of his world.

Ancient Friends

Hulings was introduced to donkeys in his early childhood in Spain and never looked back. He admired their patience, affection, and endurance: they are cornerstones of his work. He wrote: “They have the calmness and gentleness of those who fear nothing. But they will bray to warn others of genuine danger.” It’s something to aspire to: to be aware but not afraid, to work hard, and to look after the herd. Donkeys have been with us as domesticated animals for over 3,000 years; faithful workers and friends since ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Our signed archival print of Elizabeth’s Burro is 16 x 19.5″ and perfect for inspiration on the wall of a brand-new person’s room—or anyone else’s, for that matter.

Do You Know About the Clark Hulings Foundation?

A portion of net proceeds of the Clark Hulings Estate are donated to CHF, to enable working artists like Clark to build self-sustaining businesses.

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